#3artworksadayfor5: Day 2

3artworksadayfor5 continued….Day 2: I figured I’d show some of my intaglio prints. A process of drawing on a copper or zinc metal plate matrix. The top art works are my first prints as a printmaker and art student. Not having much skill in the process I put it down for a long while. I picked … More #3artworksadayfor5: Day 2

Hey good-lookin…

Recently submitted this edition in PRINT AUSTIN 2015 handkerchief print exchange. Recent woodblock drawing for a multiple color woodcut for a handkerchief exchange.  I call her “Hey good-lookin” because she was.

Back on track

Winter break has ended and it’s back to classes as well as back to teaching beginners printmaking: Intro To Printmaking. Super stoked to be back in front of the class. I even wore this lovely ceramic gem of a button, by the lovely ceramicist Joyce St Clair, to commemorate the start of the semester. #letsdothis … More Back on track